Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Should we help the Syrian Refugees?

There is so much argument lately as to whether we should be helping the hordes of refugees that are pouring into Europe from the Middle East. Each side of the debate has valid points.The Con side, points to the rapes in Germany and Sweden and the over taking of Sharia Law in many parts of the world, not through mass migration but through Muslim's having more children than any other group of people and then changing the laws through democratic votes; An insidious form of ethnic cleansing. The Pro side suggests that some countries, like Canada for instance, not only has the space and resources to take care of them but is actually under-populated and desperately in need of an influx of migrants to just sustain its economy and maintain a world class nation.

Not dismissing either side's point, we must come to the conclusion that, if we are to be counted as a good and moral society, we cannot just leave these people stranded at borders to die a slow and painful death. We have no choice but to help them. The problem is not their fault. They are the front-line victims of  a much bigger issue. A political game of Chess is being played out that most of us will never be privy to nor will we be able to halt.

We call ourselves a sophisticated and highly advanced society but we put more value on toys and gadgets than on human life. This is the underlying truth that allows such atrocities to flourish. We will never be able to fix the problem until this issue is resolved. So how do we resolve it? By getting off our butts and helping people. Those who are for helping foreign refugees should help them. If you are against it, then help someone else. There are plenty of people in need right in your own community. We don't even have to spend a dime out of our pockets. Most of us already have an excess of material belongings. Take one shirt, one pair of shoes, one blanket out of your closet and share with those who have none. It is not complicated, it is not political, it is as basic as breathing.

So, my wish is that we stop debating and start assisting in any way and every way we can. Only then will we see a change in this world for the better.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Rapper J. Cole is proving that humanitarianism can start at any age!

Hard times often make us more empathetic and merciful to others. For J Cole, knowing poverty softened his heart and motivated him to help someone else who was going through the same difficult experience. Life's burdens are not always a punishment or bad luck but often are given to us as a catalyst to our personal development. That would make them gifts to be cherished not tortures to resent. And in this knowledge, we find true happiness inner peace.